Here is a list of frequently ask questions about my Stag Show,
if you cannot find an answer to your question please email me EMAIL
I will get back ASAP.

Q: If I book a show do I get to choose the strippers for the show.
A: Yes, if they are available at time of booking. It depends on what the requirements and distance is from where they live.
Q: How long does a show last with you and two strippers.
A: Normally 8.30 trough till 11.15 with a short interval
Q: Do you get to have sex with the strippers.
A: If I am lucky I do, but I am sorry you don't
Q: Do I have to arrange a disco for music and your microphone.
A: No I carry a full Bose sound system with radio mic and CD's
Q: Do you do afternoon shows
A: Yes
Q: Will I have to pay a deposit when booking
A: Yes If you are booking for first time, not for repeat bookings
Q: Do you supply posters and photos for the show
A: Yes if required they are forwarded with contracts
Q: Do your girls do private shows in houses or hotel rooms
A: No- you need an escort service
Q: Is it o.k to video or Phot0graph the show
A: Sorry but no.
Q: How many spots do the strippers do
A: They do two spots each and the usual double spot for the collection at end of the evening
Q: Can you be booked to do a show on your own
A: Yes either by email or through any reputable Entertainment Agency
Q: Whats life like working with all these horny strippers
A: A life of living in Ladies Loo's - but fun
Q: Can I book two comedians on the show
A: Yes, normally if that is required I book a comic/compere and I do the main spot.
Q: What time will you arrive at the venue
A: For an 8.30 start I will normally arrive about to set up the sound and arrange the seating.
Q: How much does a show cost?
A: All shows are priced on their distance, duration and merit, I will be happy to price a show on request
Q: Can this show be booked through my regular agent?
A: Yes, but all re-booking must be made through that source.

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